Monthly Archives: November 2004

yesterday i watched ‘big fish’. its really quite an interesting movie about fish and its deep. i like it. then today. i learned this game called football. and i learned that small asian boys like me shouldn’t really play this game against big boys that are like 20 times the size. i feel like my bones are all broken. but i didn’t even do much. i only tried to block kids that just walked all over me. because im so small. im not a big fish. im not fit for survival.

What are weeds? There are no particular plants that are classified as “weeds.” A weed is simply a plant growing where it is not wanted. To most of us, a weed is a dandelion growing in our strawberry patch. To a dandelion farmer, a rose is a weed. A weed is in the eye of the beholder.

its a really deep paragraph of a lovely section in sat practice. things are what we want them to be. depends on point of view. things change depending on our conditions. or something like that. everything is different in other people’s views. so you will never understand anyone. but that is okay. because we are all weeds. in someone’s point of view.

today is a very special today. it is the release of rammstein’s ohne dich single. thats not very special. because. 1 year ago. rise of emo was made. so today is a birthday. of a really horribly done flash 1 year ago. and since then, i haven’t improved in flash much. its such a depressing day. but it was the first movie that was somewhat more well-known than the other ones. oh well. whatever.

so. my hub died today. so i went to buy a new one. and since i brought my little little sister, she was like. lets get them all. so we had like 5 hubs in the shopping cart. we were going to put 4 of them back later. but an employee walked up and asked ‘can i help you?’. and i said its okay. but he probably thought i was weird and asked ‘what are you doing?, you dont need that many hubs.’ and i said i know. but he insisted and continued saying that i dont need that many hubs and stuff and junk. he probably thought i was crazy.

and now. only my sister’s computer works with the internet.

so i was watching this great. chinese tv show. its about some sad story about a boy. who picks pears. and he suddenly gets a text message from some girl saying all this junk in chinese that i dont understand. then the guy apparently is in some mafia or something. so mafia father is dying. and some other random boys and girls pop out. and confuse everything. apparently this tv show is called ‘love storm’. but it should be tornado. silly translators. but this movie is a storm. theres so many people. and they all seem to love each other. its like a love n-gon.

apparently that actor for sad boy is some vic guy from chinese band f4. i wonder why musical people always try to make some silly movies and junk. silly movies.

on the blogger main page. some girl named breakupbabe apparently sold her book to random house. her book was just her blog basically. and then she SOLD IT. so she earns all this money for her complaining about her boyfriends leaving her and stuff. life would be so great to write and complain and then get a job. and shes like 30 something and her description is that she is boy-crazy, broken-hearted. sucks. but its great. because she got so much money. for writing. its not fair.

suicide is a proof of life.

strange lyrics from dir en grey. seems so contradictory. but its true! because you can’t suicide unless you had life. so suicide proves life. as does dying any other death. so suicide isn’t the only thing that proves life.

in art class:

boy sitting across from me stares at me for a while. then he suddenly shakes his head. he says “you should get drunk.”

music playing in art class is classical rock. some annoying girl wants her emo sad rock music. boy sitting across from me: “yea. i need that teenage angst. i need to hear about how my father neglects me and how my girlfriend is leaving me.” art teacher: “yea. but i have a problem. it makes me too sad”.

today after school. i saw a group of kids smoking grass. apparently they dont like it. because they spit it all up all over the ground. maybe it was because it was grass, literally. nah. couldn’t be. maybe cuz the cigarettes were made from binder paper.