Monthly Archives: November 2004

after 74 days of being on jeopardy, ken jennings loses today. its quite sad really. hes being super good and answering all the questions. then suddenly. he messes up on final jeopardy. and loses. just because. that woman was lucky and knew the answer to the last question. she answered like 5 questions total through the whole show. and ken answered like almost all the other ones. he just screwed up on a few. and then. that woman wins!. its so lame. i expected jennings’ loss would have been like some extremely genius person answering all the questions before him. instead. just some woman. that doesn’t do anything until the last question. its not fair. lame. stupid people conquer the world.

writing haiku is

not very hard. just stop at

the seventeenth syl-

today. the guy sitting across from me in art class talked about battle royale. and said it would be great to have a battle royale at school. he would pay to watch. and i would to. its funny how silly people are in art class. then he started talking about working at starbucks. and he talked about how some people work really hard to get in college, but never earn any money during high school. and how some people just work and dont do well in high school. but money is more important. because one can start earning money just from the beginning. and save up. but he might not get a good college and never get a better job. and be stuck at starbucks forever. but does it really matter? because living paycheck to paycheck isn’t that bad. its just that there is less luxury. hm. oh well. college is just for people that cant handle the real world. so they just go to school for another 4 years. im going to drop out of school!. and then start working at minimum wage places and then. ill live like that forever. and ill be happy. not really. school sucks. and so does not going to school.

The philosophical doctrine of “eternal recurrence” posits that every present situation and arrangement of circumstances not only has occurred in the past, but will also be repeated indefinitely in the future. This notion is based on the fact that time is infinite while matter is finite. Since objects in the world are composed of a limited number of particles, there must be a limited number of possible combinations of them, which over the course of infinite time must inevitably repeat.

thats interesting. HA. stupid history. history WILL REPEAT ITSELF. SCIENCE PROVES HISTORY WRONG. silly apush. repetition is inevitable. poor historians.

im so sick. my nose is clogged. my head is dizzy. my brain has a tumor. and my heart stopped beating. my heart exploded. and the pieces that flew out of my body glittered. then my nose started to run like a hose. and i almost drowned. thanks to swimming, i was able to live. but it made me lose all my energy and i fell into a coma. i couldn’t breathe today. so i held my breath the whole day. its quite difficult. to live in these conditions. really. suffocation. no breathing. what a horrible way to hurt yourself.

i like stars. i like clocks. i like books. im not crazy. im falling apart. the stars are falling apart. get used to it. time doesn’t go back. what am i talking about? just whatever comes to my mind. which isn’t much really. because i just woke up. and it was dark. so i got scared that i slept through the night. whatever. now i wont be able to sleep at night. and i wont get enough sleep for school tomorrow. then ill be sad. sad. bad. mad. had. shutup you nerd. who? not you. the computer next to you. computer fans are loud. i want to rip them off. and then let my computer over heat. unwanted does not mean unnecessary. ugly does not mean undesirable. appreciation does not mean tolerance. yay.

BeatingIt2Hard: I’m going to make my own website.

BeatingIt2Hard: And I’m going to advertise something that everyone wants.

BeatingIt2Hard: And I’m going to put your phone number on it as the contact number.

azN xrE taRD BOI: thanks.

BeatingIt2Hard: Do you want to know what your phone number is?

azN xrE taRD BOI: yea

BeatingIt2Hard: 408

BeatingIt2Hard: ### #### (he really did know it. even though he goes to a different school now)

BeatingIt2Hard: HAHAHAHA

azN xrE taRD BOI: awesome

BeatingIt2Hard: HAHAHA!

BeatingIt2Hard: No.

BeatingIt2Hard: I’m going to put Rei’s number.

BeatingIt2Hard: I forgot all about him.

BeatingIt2Hard: But when I see your number, I suddenly see him.

what is it. it is something. something is something. nothing. flower burial. fire burial. cremation. burn everything. grow flowers from it. flowers grow everywhere. big patches of color. like paint on a canvas. blobs of flowers. or is it globs. oh no. infintely dull. or infinitely shiny. because infinite can be negative also. so negative shiny? or negative dull. its all the same. simcity 3000 is awesome. i like my world. its the ideal city to live in. nuclear power plants on every block. and alien invasions. everything is radioactive. the junk yard is radioactive. everything is radioactive. everyone died. i like building houses. im going to build a house when i grow up. build my own house. out of cardboard and duct tape. it will be the sturdiest thing in the world. this four day weekend has taught me many things. food is good. homework can be annoying. and. im boring. thats about it. im boring. and its making myself bored. burn myself. then burn the ashes. then grow flowers. flowers grow everywhere. big patches of color. like paint on a canvas. hm. familiar. those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. such stupidity. those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. everything is a pattern! its just that one cycle hasn’t completed yet. those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

life would be so much easier if everyone was just put in guilds and taught one skill. then people couldn’t decide their path and complain about doing things they dont want to do. because in guilds they do only things that are important. and then time wouldn’t be so wasted. whatever.