Monthly Archives: October 2004

recently, i reformatted my computer. and i find it lame that. microsoft’s firewall in service pack 2 for windows xp blocks activation of windows xp. and it also blocks microsoft’s windows update. so i was worried my computer was stupid. until i turned off that stupid firewall. so stupid. i hate microsoft.

and if you really must see my halloween pics.

its funny how starcraft can have such an affect on people. so i go to mlk library for project a. and then the 3 koreans (raphael, jeff, and alex) walk in with a laptop. install starcraft and then start playing. then suddenly, random passerbyers just walk by and stand there and watch the koreans randomly press hotkeys on the keyboard. and move the screen so much. those weirdos. they just sit there and play for 4 hours. nonstop. then they go home. wasted time. those silly people.

so, today i had a great experience with makeup. that eyeshadowing/liner, and lip gloss/lip stick junk. its very interesting. since i wore a dress for this halloween thing, it wouldn’t be complete with makeup. so eye shadow and junk was added. and now. i cant get it off. its like waterproof. and my mom doesn’t have eye makeup remover. so. my eyes will be lined forever. yes.

i looked like them. somewhat. toshiya and kaoru from dir en grey. toshiya’s hair color. and kaoru’s lip colors.

“hey, i got my sat scores back.” “really? what did you get.” “850”. “WOW. You did GOOD.” “Yea, i know i studied hard. i kind of screwed up on math, but english was easy.” life is lovely. i hope you’re happy. frappuccino tastes good. apush has midterm. midterms suck. because they sound so scary. and weird people. points. are weird. art is sad.

the crucible. is finally finished in english. it took. 3-4 weeks for this 143 page book. hm. so if we read huck finn. then its going to take like. 15 weeks or something. almost 1 semester. ha. but crucible. is kind of funny. its just about some whore. and some guy having affairs. and then the guy confesses to court. but wife tries to keep his husbands good name. but ends up screwing everyone over. and so everyone gets killed. there must be a really deep meaning to this book like mccarthyism allegory. but its normal english. so we spend most of our time defining words like ‘excellency’. (im not lying)

red gel. is bad for hair. today for ‘crazy hair day’ and for extra credit in chem. i made my hair red. thanks to scott who had this red hair gel. and that stuff is weird. gel is bad. this was like my second time using gel. it doesn’t really make hair stand up much. at least that red gel didn’t. my hair just fell down again. and its not very crazy. except that red was my hair. and red was on my forehead. and my hand. so it looked like i either slit my wrists and rubbed my head. or i shot someone and blood flew on my face and i just had fun playing in that person’s blood. but it was neither. it was red hair gel.

i had this dream once. but i forgot. i remember nothing. nothing at all. i have many personal flashes that people have asked me to make. but i have never made them. some from like may. some from earlier than that. will i ever get to them? maybe. i need a better microphone. or i need to understand my microphone better and be a better voice actor and not screw up flashes with horrible sound and stuff. maybe i should add color. my site is very un-colorful. its black and white. and an occasional red gradient. but color. is so useless. the world is in black and white. its right or wrong! emo pictures seem to be always in black or white and grey. why? dogs must be very emo because they only see in black and white. and bees must be confused and happy because they see more wavelengths of light colors things than humans, but they see a few million more of the same thing. that must be so confusing. having millions of eyes. i have two eyes and they are enough. but i want new eyes. because my current ones are dying. and rotting. and decomposing like 50 years earlier than what its supposed to.