Monthly Archives: September 2004

i watched presidential debate for extra credit. first political thing ive ever watched. and i was very amused. sucks to be bush. he had nothing to defend himself. he could only say a bunch of random numbers. and his facial expression was funny because of his losing. then kerry just murdered him. but kerry was lucky because his mistakes aren’t as public as bush’s. oh well. i hate politics. i think everyone sucks. no one will ever satisfy everyone. unless its an anarchist nation. that would be wonderful. but scary. and dangerous. i think we lose either way.

it seems like the only thing people ever talk about now are school and/or working out. i dont like any of them. i think ill drop out of school. and not work out. and grow fat. and then do nothing. ill be a failure. but ill be happy because i wont do any of those things i dont like. but then later on, ill be sad because while everyone is making billions of dollars, ill be dying of fat. and poor. oh well.

apparently, the army has gone emo. today some band from the army played at school and they just played emo songs. yellowcard, maroon 5, greenday, new found glory, story of the year, switchfoot. the list goes on and on. so i wonder why they let these emo people go into the army? i saw fahrenheit 9/11 and it showed a scene with army people in iraq listening to some death metal from like ozzfest or something. but apparently the army really listens to emo music and cries and kills themselves because they are sent to iraq. so silly. some kind of army. the army just screws around and plays music. thats where all the tax money goes. lovely.

i am crazy. i talk to my homework. especially when i dont get the correct answer or when the homework takes too long. maybe one day the homework will respond to me. and ill know when ive really gone crazy.

My mind is like a void. Not much on my mind to speak of. but if my mind was a void. then i wouldn’t have been able to write that. so therefore, my mind isn’t a void. i wonder if empty space could be measured. could you measure the volume of empty space? hm. 10 cubic feet of empty space? but if its empty space, theres nothing to measure. unless there is. its a new dimension! the empty space dimension. for every space that exists. there exists measurable empty space. bah. whatever.

i dont understand why people hate people that set the curve. sure, the grades of everyone else is lowered. but someone has to set the curve. and that person’s goal is to get a good grade like everyone else. so why hate them? they just do a better job in school. killing them doesn’t improve scores, only the grade. but everyone only wants a grade.

lil jootiebootie: i ate this bread thing

lil jootiebootie: for dinner

lil jootiebootie: and like

lil jootiebootie: i was gonna tell my mom im done

lil jootiebootie: but it came out as im dumb

lil jootiebootie: -____________-

i hate libraries that are too big. it makes me very confused. i dont know what to do. compressing things like winzip confuse me. how does it work!? somehow winzip can make things smaller than they really are. then the small file can be sent around. but if its small, how can someone make it large again. what happens to the file? omg. i am so confused. it doesn’t make sense. if they could do this, why not do it for all the files!? then large terabyte harddrives wont be necessary. especially movie editing and their 1 gig/12 minute things. whatever. i dont know. i dont edit video much.

in response to my broken calc book cover. i had to draw another one. i call it tormented by math

so, in art class. i finished my drawing up to the point that teacher wanted me to, so i had a free period. then this mexican kid that hasn’t been to class for like 2 weeks comes in and is confused on what to do. this kid was probably just cutting class and doing other stuff. so teacher told me to explain to him. and i felt weird talking to this gang boy. (this is same boy that asked to join my gang). and then after that, he said thanks. so now. im afraid that hes going to think im part of his gang. oh well.