Monthly Archives: August 2004

today in drawing/art class, some mexican kid sitting across from me asked me if he could join my gang. so i said “sure, why not?”. then he asked me what my gang was called. but i didn’t know (because i dont really have one). so he made up some very unoriginal name for my gang. its called the “asian crew”. maybe its “aZN Kr3W”. but i dont know. it was a conversation. then he pointed to some white kid and asked if i wanted to go jump him. so. that was interesting.

in “advanced” web design, i started to draw. and i created a masterpiece on my math book cover. i call it lost in math”. go look at it.

the greatest suicide song

it seems like suicide songs are the craze now. so i decided to try to write one of my own:

i will.

swallow a hundred toothpicks.

blood spilling out of my feet.

i will.

shoot myself with a crossbow.

blood gushing out of my ears.

beat myself with a frying pan.

run in radioactive waste.

then watch as the flood

of blood.

spills out into the room.

then everything will be red.


its the color of blood.

and apples.

overdose on zoloft.

then hear myself cough.

as the stuff works into my body.

and nose explodes.

then ill stick a pen down my throat.

and play a sad note.

on my sad guitar.

then blood dripping out of my eyeballs.

and i will be dead.

too bad.

now you have to clean up my mess.

please dont take any of this too seriously.

it would make me really sad.

today, in chinese school we learned about numbers. we also learned about those deep superstitious junks about numbers also. like chinese dont like 4s because it sounds like death. and they like 6s and 8s. 8s because its something about getting richer. and they are scared of 9s because its like a barrier or something. then she goes on and says that the new generation has conversations in numbers. for example. they have this 5201314. it looks like a phone number. i bet it is. but i dont want to call it because it might some strange number. apparently that 5201314 means “i love you forever”. i dont understand why. stupid billions of chinese dialects and all their different ways of pronouncing numbers. thats why china is always in disorder. because they cant understand each other’s numbers.

its funny how china won on the 110 meter males hurdles. and then no one in the crowd cheered for him while he was doing that victory lap except for those china people. no one likes communists. but they cheer for russia when they win. so, that must mean they just hate the chinese.

yesterday for english, we had to draw covers of a book we like. since i didn’t want too spend much time, i drew the cover for the andromeda strain. its just a picture of a bacteria thing. so i thought the teacher would think im strange for liking such a lame book. whatever. then today, i saw that the person sitting next to me drew a cover for mein kampf. with nazis and stuff. and flags and all that hitler stuff. i was very confused. the girl wasn’t german. she is mexican. and loving genocide. im scared.

school is really interesting comparing the non-ap classes with the ap classes. there is such a big difference. in ap classes, its already starting lessons and blah blah. talking about everything. lectures. in normal ordinary classes, we are learning each others names. playing that name game. so silly.

its weird how people try to make friends when they know they will only see that person once. for example. yesterday, when i was in the lunch line waiting. some random sophomore girl starts talking to me. i learned that her name was jennifer and she came from independence high. but i will never talk to her again. and she will never talk to me again. because we dont have the same classes. so. that talk wasted space in my mind because now i remember a random person. bah.

i hate green paper. i also hate that name game. i dont like anything that starts with a. so i say random junk like air. or stuff. “my name is abraham and i like air.” then people think im weird. but i am. art class is interesting. i will become some super painter and take over the school with paint and junk. too bad i wanted to take physics. i hate budget cuts. carrying a calc and a chem book everywhere. what horribleness. what is there to memorize about native americans besides their names? their locations? maybe. or the years they lived in? thats very detailed. seems something that would be in AP. but then thats so… useless. but most of history is useless. ahhh.

it begins.

hero is an okay movie. too bad its so asian. when its translated into english. its going to be weird. and misunderstood. asians are so misunderstood. people dont understand each other. thats why people go out and kill each other.

school starts tomorrow. lets start a battle royale.

if junior year is really that hard. i think i should change my sleeping pattern. i should sleep after school for about 6 hours. then i can do all my homework at night until the next day. then go to school without sleep between homework and school. it would be wonderful this way because less people online at midnight so less distractions and if studying for test, i can study to the very last minute at daybreak. yay. too bad i wont do this sleep pattern.

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