Monthly Archives: July 2004

magnet theory

my theory on magnets. why do north and south attract? not north to north or south to south. hm. its because of nonconformity. you see. the north knows its the same as all the other north poles, so in order to nonconform they attach to the south. and so the north seems like a nonconformist next to the south. and same with the south. the south wants to get away from other souths so they go to north. and pretend to nonconform because they are different. !. yay.

its funny how everyone but you knows your own voice. it sucks. i hate it.

so the other day, i was taking a shower, then i got soap in my eyes. and the house burned down.

hm. aol has this top speed thing. it supposedly increases speed. all it does is just lower the quality of an image to a big glob. not a blob. a glob. theres a difference. globs are made up of blobs. yes. and they are spelled differently. i found a thing to do while waiting on 56K now. minesweeper! i must beat expert mode. its hard. i got like 1/2 completed, then some stupid landmine killed me. i hate it. bah. ha. bah rhymes with ha. but they show two different feelings.

the greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves. hm. if thats true. then life sucks. because anything you do is a grief that we cause ourselves. HAHHAHA. this solves all the problems of grief. just dont live and you wont cause any grief on yourself!

56K is so slow! i have to use 56K right now because we are going to move our dsl line onto another line. so they say we will not have dsl for a while. so i went to an old computer and opened it and stole the modem and put it in my computer. and installed AOL. cuz its free! 1099 hours for 50 days. thats about 22 hours for each day. hm. ILL GET IT ALL. I WILL USE THIS FREE STUFF TO ITS MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. I WILL BE ASIAN AND STAY ONLINE FOREVER ON 56K!!! but its so slow. 56K is so slow. but it used to be the best thing in the world. remember back then? i dont either.


i hate shoes. i went to buy new shoes today because the current ones fell apart. the bottom has completely fallen off. so i needed new shoes. so i go to big 5 because they are having a shoe sale and its cheap there. i look at the shoes. they have basketball shoes, running shoes, tennis shoes, golf shoes, blah blah. but no shoes for non athletic people like me. so i dont know which category to look in. so eventually i just bought some cheap 20$ basketball shoes. basketball shoes are so fancy looking. why? shoes are for walking around in. not for show. and running shoes have so many different colors. its annoying. they have better shape of shoe though. basketball shoes have a big back area. and basketball shoes are shiny. shiny is bad. it reflects light and is blinding. shoes are weird. i want to walk barefoot.

yesterday i saw some tv show about crop circles and it was very interesting. some people think its hoaxes and some think its aliens. and some think its a government thing. and they were all weird ideas. and some people saw aliens or something when their fields were all messed up. and some linking to cow mutilations and junk. its very weird. bloodless cows. so my theory about crop circles is that the tv show itself is a government thing. and crop circles dont exist! they are just silly ideas made from the government because they feel obligated to entertain the people of the world. poor cows.

dodgeball is fun. at the retreat i am playing a lot of dodgeball and swimming when it is hot. dodgeball rooms should have air conditioning. it is just a little box room and it gets hot very easily. with a bunch of sweaty people running around, it smells and gets hot. and that is all.