Monthly Archives: June 2004

i had this really silly dream about sports. apparently, i was going to school and they were having sport competitions in school and the school was competing against itself. so i was walking around with my swimming stuff. (even though i suck at swimming. apparently my dream likes swimming). then i walk into the gym. they are playing baseball. and all the basketball playing asians are playing baseball. so i join for no reason. and then i hit a homerun in the gym. and the team that was losing before was so happy. and the team that i just beat hated me. and there were some people i have never seen before. it must be my split personalities hating myself. and then i walk outside and see some people that dont play lacrosse in lacrosse uniforms with tennis rackets. and i am confused and they are going to play in the badminton competition. then i walk to the bike racks and talk to some person and i wake up. sports are weird.

albert’s daily snapple cap said that the amount of concrete used in the hoover dam could make a highway from san francisco to new york. hm. but how large is the highway? a highway could have different amounts of lanes and the more lanes would mean there would be more concrete. hm. so snapple should be more specific and detailed. and this keyboard in foothill sucks. the space doesn’t work easily.

in calc class, theres a really smart girl and a really smart boy. the girl brought something to read. and the boy brought a laptop to play with. what smart people. but they aren’t intelligent.

albert’s snapple said that a compasses don’t point north. but its supposed to. but theres too many norths. theres a north axis and a north magnetic field thing. which does it point to. but what is north relative to? the universe is infinitely large. so north can be pointing any direction. that means i could be the north pole and i could be santa claus. but im not. or i could be the south pole. or i could be at neither. earth is weird.

i found this random pokemon fact book today. it was under my bed for who knows how long, but i started to read it. and it said that dodrio (that bird with 3 heads) has 3 heads for happiness, anger, and sorrow. omgomgomg. so i guess there are three emotions. and then thats weird. because theres no negative of each other. hm. and that also proves that pokemon isn’t some shallow seizure tv show. it has all these deep meanings.

yay. a survey!

Pierce your nose or tongue? neither!

Be serious or be funny? serious

Whole or skim milk? soy milk!

Single or Taken? ive been single for 15 years. yay.

Simple or complicated? complicated


Flowers or angels? im not queer!

Grey or gray? girls not grey. gray davis. i like grey.

Read or write? write.

Color or black-and-white photos? black and white! color sucks.

Sunrise or sunset? sunset.

M&M;’s or Skittles? m&ms;

Rap or rock? rock.

Stay up late or wake up late? both!

TV or Radio? computer

Is it POP or SODA? soda pop

X or O in Tic-tac-toe? X. i go first.

Eat an apple or an orange? orange

What came first the chicken or the egg? of course, this depends on whether you believe in religion. if yes, then chicken. if not, its debatable. hm.

Hot or Cold? cold.

Tall members of the opposite sex or short? shorter than me

Sun or moon? sun. it blinds you. here comes the sun.

Emerald or ruby? i dont wear rocks.

Left or right? wrong.

10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? acquaintances.

Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? vanilla

High or Drunk? neither

Green beans or carrots? neither.

Low fat or fat free? pure fat.

What is your biggest fear in the world? myself.

Kids or no kids? kids

Cat or dog? cats gave us sars. dogs are weird.

Half empty or half full? OMGOMGOMG. its some super psychological question that i have to ponder for the next three years. ill get back to you on that.

Mustard or ketchup? ew.

Hard cover books or soft cover books? hard cover

Newspaper or magazine? magazines

Sandals or sneakers? sneakers

Wonder or amazement? wonder

Red car or white car? red is the first color the eye catches

Happy and poor or sad and rich? happy and poor.

Singing or dancing? ew.

Hugging or Kissing? ew.

Corduroy or plaid? er.

Happy or sad? angry.

Purple or green? green

A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? friendship.

HA HA LIM: u wanna start a cult

HA HA LIM: instead of blood and pain

HA HA LIM: we superglue ourselves

HA HA LIM: sorta in between hardcore gothic and poser gothic

ever since summer started, my neighbor plays his music really loud. i hear all this random music while in my room. ive heard a bunch of random songs that i dont know what they are called because i dont listen to the radio. and i heard dido and some backstreet boys. then today i heard adema. and i thought that was really strange because they are different from all the other music. and music is weird. because theres too many types.

its only 1 day more than 1 week after summer began. what horribleness. summer is moving too slow. there are too few things to do. oh no. oh no. everyone has their places to go. im stuck here. with nothing to do. and life is dull. summer is dull. it seems wonderful because school sucks also, but then once summer comes, summer sucks and school seems lovely. so, people will never think whatever they have is lovely. it always sucks. therefore, dont get anything. and go live on the streets. but then one has their life. and therefore life sucks.