Monthly Archives: May 2004

i had this insanely cool post i was going to post, but then i forgot what it was. so im sad. my life sucks. i cant remember. im sad. ahHH!H!!H. my memory sucks. i cant remember. what am i writing here for!? ahhhh. whatever.

i just saw the saddest song video. and i am shocked to find how they put these kids through such torture. i am not talking about how they have no fathers. i am talking about how they are put into converses. and they are like only 5 years old. they are so innocent. evil band.

Admiral Katay: hey

Auto response from azN xrE taRD BOI: away.

Admiral Katay: you arent really away

Admiral Katay: you are probably right in front of yor desk

Admiral Katay: sitting there

Admiral Katay: starign at hte screen

Admiral Katay: thinking

Admiral Katay: “maybe if I put an away message up someoen will talk to me!”

Admiral Katay: well here I am

Admiral Katay: exaclty what youve wanted

Admiral Katay: dont be shy.

Admiral Katay: ok buddy, your loss.

Admiral Katay: but really putting up an away message is NOT a good way to strike up a conversation

1 year

life is like tetris. everything is wonderful. lines are being destroyed, then some stupid piece comes and it doesn’t fit anywhere. and then you lose. or if you’re really good, you can somehow do something.

happy birthday

1 year celebration!

butterfly effect

because you read my blog, you will die someday. if you don’t believe me. ill bet you. stupid butterfly effect. i had a math test today. its going to rain in malaysia. i went to web design class today. the gophers in africa are going insane. my computer monitor is on. people are dying.

if you hate your life so much, why are you still alive? why haven’t you killed yourself already? if you hate your parents so much, why haven’t you ran away already? is it because you are afraid that your life might get better? and you dont want to miss your life? why dont you people do something if you hate your life so much? instead you accept life is like that and you dont do anything. if you hate the world so much, do something. lazy people.


apparently, every person has a box of matches in their body. well, thats what the movie ‘like water for chocolate’ thing said. and it talked about love making fire. and some other stuff. it was weird. it made no sense at all. at least to me. oh well. matches are cool. i like fire. its cooler than water. but fire is safer than water. water is more dangerous to fire. but water is more easily escaped. hm. this world is weird.

like water for chocolate

in english we watched some spanish movie called ‘like water for chocolate’ or something like that. it was supposed to be like ‘bless me, ultima’ but it has no similarities besides both being spanish. in the movie, some girl eats a quail and then takes a shower. and then the shower is on fire and she runs out naked. then some vaquero person picks her off and she becomes a prostitute. what a funny story. it makes no sense at all. the food is crazy.

once i had a dream that i won the lottery, and they gave me the prize in postage stamps. but before claiming the prize, i had to run through a safari.

d0Nk3x: hypocrit at its best

d0Nk3x: i worship death

d0Nk3x: but too afraid to commit it


what a sad depressing day. i dont even know why it is. i just state it is. so it is. the sun didn’t come up today. actually it did, just covered by clouds. the clouds are stupid. i hate clouds. they are stupid water molecules that are created to annoy the sun from getting rays to the earth. but here comes the sun. its the brightest star of all. it will never fall from the sky. hm. how can it fall from the sky. it cant. its just stating the obvious. what is the sky? if it is the earth’s sky, of course not. gravity cant pull a sun towards it. the sun is too big. what holds the sun in its place? or is it really always moving? and the planets just move with it? the universe its infinite. there must be some huge piece of rock to have enough gravity to hold this whole world together. but there isn’t. whatever. the world loudly counts to ten

eins, zwei, drei, vier, funf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn

is the sun coming up today?

ein kleine Herz: of all the changs I know

ein kleine Herz: you are my favorite

ein kleine Herz: or maybe

ein kleine Herz: just the one I hate the least