Monthly Archives: May 2004

life sucks!

ahh! omg. my life makes no sense. im confused. unconfuse me. i am confused. techno is funny. its just repetitive beats. i used to like techno. now its just really boring and dull. rock is funny also. its a bunch of power chords and angry people. or sad depressed people. no one is happy. except for pink floyd. but they were 30 years ago. and now everyone is sad. it must because everything makes no sense. did things make sense before 30 years ago? is that why pink floyd was a happy band? hm. why would things suddenly stop making sense? they never did in the first place. what am i talking about? yay. what? i like to eat beef. its better than chicken. i think. i like ice. its better than fire. paper burns at 451 degrees fahrenheit. stupid fahrenheit. celsius is better. paper burns at 232.777777777… degrees celsius. that is 505.77777777… kelvin. i like kelvin because i hate negatives. and i hate fractions. and decimals. why cant this world live on whole numbers? instead they have to make some stupid theory about infinite things between 2 things. so they have to make decimals. life would make more sense if it was only whole numbers. and thats brings me back to my original point of sad or angry music. its because they had decimals. and they got confused. so people either got angry or sad. and most people are sad. because thats how people are. and i hate everyone. bye.

today. i cut bamboo in my backyard. bamboo is a funny word. bam boo. now it doesn’t even seem like i spelt it write. is it spelt or spelled? hm. english is funny. i cut my bamboos up. and made long sticks. now i can whack anyone that comes near me. and i also invented an instrument with those sticks. i call it ‘2 sticks’ instrument. in the summer ill write a song.

oh em gee. its orlando bloom.

troy is a funny movie. what a foolish orlando bloom. the whole war was caused because of him. if he just died, then the war would have ended. and he just had to kill achilles. with his bow and arrow. which is stupid because he never uses a sword. what a wuss. has to be ranged. the movie is 2 hours 42 minutes of comedy. i laughed most of the movie, probably because it was late at night and i wasn’t thinking anymore.

“helen pwned troy for an extra 100 gold”

right now, i am doing this lovely web design final. the final is to make a site for a space burial company. its very fun. im going to bury everyone in space.

have you ever felt happy and depressed at the same time? like something is so sad, but its happy? or something is so happy, but its so sad? or something? neither have i.

i hate my memory. it sucks. i cant remember anything. if you want proof, look at my english test scores. but then my memory remembers everything that i dont want to remember. so my mind is cluttered with useless junk. i wish i could reformat my brain like my computer, but then i would need to backup important files in my brain, such as my name. that would be fun forgetting one’s name for a day.

i hate having medium lengthed hair. when hair is short and the wind blows, theres no hair to be blown around. when hair is long, the hair is too long and heavy to be blown around. but when its medium length, it will fly around then get stuck. i hate hair.

apparently, tomorrow is crazy hair day for spirit week junk.