Monthly Archives: April 2004

i know i have not updated anything on this site for a long time. i just dont feel like it. i dont feel like it because in 29 days now, everything will be deleted and i will want to find a new server. then i have to upload. so i dont want to make anything. i dont want to make a movie because as you can see, it will take time to make a page two. and i have another layoutish thing that some have seen. there are many unfinished flashes that i have started. but never completed because they are too.. dull. i get sparks of ideas, then like sparks, they just die off because they cant start a fire. so in my fire analogy, no sparks have ever made it to the pine needles to be burnt up and start a massive conflagration of destruction. because ideas aren’t easy to think of. and my mind is dull. i think i have hit the max of all ideas, so no more movies will be good after now. i declare this. and to celebrate, i show you a new collection series thing of mine. i call it reality sucks. for no apparent reason. i got this idea from and i was drawing on a photo and eventually did it for a few of them. so now, just for amusement, i release these low effort drawings in the place of any other sort of movie update.

my hair is long. it blinds me now, when i swim. hair swings everywhere. its evil. but its cool. hair is cool. im now a nonconformist. with my nonconforming longer hair, i can do so many random things to my hair. i can let it tangle up for the hell of it because its so hard to make free of knots, and eventually ill have dreadlocks! uneven dreadlocks! or i could spike it, and they will be like a foot high!. or i can just cut it. but i dont want to.

how to dress emo

its a hilarious site. black converses!!!

“Before you worry about how you are going to change how you act in “real life”, you must change your “internet life” first. Erase your PunkPrincess182 screen name and change it to something a bit sadder. Such as xsadxstarx. If you need help, a handy emo screen name generator can be found here.

With your emo screen name in place, you must type emo. Example: &we; cant forget about this kind. &thiskindwhichisannoyingasfucktoread.; tYpInG LiKe ThIs iS nOt TyPiNg eMo. That’s just typing retarded.”

according to that emo generator, my name is dismal for sorrow.

eh, weird dreams. i get really weird dreams when i get sick. the night i got my fever sickness, i had a strange dream about meteor showers. it was a dream where there was this crazy meteor shower, and then everyone was there watching. and trying to catch the pieces or something. suddenly aliens came and took over the world. then things were exploding and crazy stuff. then i woke up. coughing. and hacking. and dying. and freezing. yet burning. because fevers are weird. the temperature goes up, but then one feels cold. weird. then yesterday, i had a dream about the roske presentation today. the one where everyone had to dress up all formal and stuff. in my dream, i forgot my dress clothing, and i was running around insanely looking to borrow someone else’s. then suddenly, i was swimming. which confuses me. my dreams have no transition. which is like the bean trees. each chapter starts off with something completely random. it is like years passed between each chapter. like on ch 9, it just starts with ‘esperanza tried to kill herself’. which has nothing to do with the chapter before, which was about tortoises mating. weird.

during this break, ive had a bunch of psychotic dreams about school. mostly about swimming and bergantz’s class. some about english, some about chem. none about math. now that break is over. i hope that these dreams will stop. they scared me a lot this break. random dreams such as art history project stuff. my dreams are weird. maybe now, ill dream about summer break.

isn’t it ironic that the most emo people in the world have girlfriend boyfriend relationships? doesn’t their music teach them that the opposite gender is evil? doesn’t that music always sing about heartbrokenness from being left? and yet, they still non-conform with what they conform to. the non-conformity is endless.

what!? todays the last day of spring break!? how could they. oh no. oh no. bang bang.

whenever i put my playlist on shuffle. it seems to like to favor songs that i dont like. songs like final fantasy x-2’s pop sounds. and it always seems to choose the ataris’s “the last song i will ever write about a girl”. that song. and. never the good korn. always the crap korn. bah. never rammstein. never megaherz. its not fair. the shuffle is biased!. i sue..

f a t s h e e p1: im going to get a phd

f a t s h e e p1: in janitorial supplies

phntmguaifenesin: you know email scams… there’s this one scam

phntmguaifenesin: “I’m lost in space… i need your money to get back!”

phntmguaifenesin: people actually fell for that one