Monthly Archives: April 2004

sometimes people just confuse me. today i was looking at the elissa memorial. apparently, she was more well-liked when compared to the other people that died. then i see someone had made some why? it confuses me. wont having a complete site dedicated to her death just remind everyone of her? no matter what the people do, she wont come back. so wont all the dedication and memorial stuff just bring bad memories and make this world an even sadder place?


sorry to those i may have offended.

yay. i broke 1000 fluid ounces of dr pepper today. its time to celebrate by buying another 1000 fluid ounces! yay.

star9 testing makes me sick. literally. i think im dying from another attack of disease. little bacteria attacking away at me. im going to fall apart. my heart is going to stand still. the little bacteria will conquer my body and be happy. they will have a celebration.

eisbrecher is a cool band. megaherz is cool. and so is rammstein.

hey (your name here), i wrote a song for you.

it was called yellow.

in german, angst means fear. weird.

today was interesting. STAR 9 testing. science questions didn’t even have science. if you want to build a house, who do you call?. hm. taxi driver. first period i had nothing to do. i went online. i found a cool website about ways to commit suicide.. but then its kind of inappropriate to post it after suicide. sorry. sad. oh well.

My will. your court

Dark and gloomy the face

My lie in your gaze

You come with sorrow

and I’m not coming back

sometimes i wonder if life is real. what if everyone is in a coma and dreams forever. what if someone lives their whole life and then realizes it was just a dream. what a disappointment. or what if someone is having the happiest time of their life ever, and then they wake up. like what happens in most dreams. and then some things in life just happen to make no sense at all. they only seem like things that would happen in dreams. life is a dream.


when a person dies, who do people mourn for? do they mourn for the person that died? that person is dead. they are gone and nothing can undo it. a person is only really mourning for themselves. they are the one that is sad they will never see the dead person again. they are sad that they can never talk or enjoy life with that person again. so.. cheer up. life continues. until death. then accept it.

my addition to this post is that im sorry that it is blunt. but that is my writing style and i meant it in a good way. so dont hate me because of this post, please.

hacked and slashed is what happened to my hair today. apparently, i had so much hair that the barber had to cut my hair in layers. and then she said if it was longer then she would have charged double. bah. long hair to short hair in 20 minutes. its so nice and airy. and swimming will be easier. but i feel sad. my hair is gone.

i added a new reality sucks.

why do the news trucks stay in front of our school for the whole day without doing anything? they just sit there and do nothing. its annoying. just because some girl tried to commit suicide failed and some alumni was killed in iraq after giving up a multimillion career in football. bah. so the news trucks have to come and sit in front of the school. whole day. still sitting there now. annoying. leland is going to be a famous school. bad year.