Monthly Archives: March 2004

my website expires in about 55 days. should i buy it again? i could always go back to geocities. and then i could post this blog on blogspot. and then all my movies as downloadable executable files on filefront or something. pondering. maybe ill just keep it. or.. i could buy a server computer and set up my own server. and really really control it. but then a bunch of electricity would be wasted and i would need a dedicated connection. so that doesn’t work. what shall i do? i want to change to another host, but i dont know if they are good or not. has interesting stuff. i like it. but then i dont have any reviews. whereas has like a 93% rating on some hosting finder thing. what shall i do? study for aguilera test. that makes more sense. but my mind wanders and i started writing the lab report. and lab reports are so mathy, which reminds me to do math homework. and i dont like derivatives. and derivatives reminds me of asking john jiang for help and then that reminds me of a person that bought my merchandise, which brings me back to my site. so my mind is wandering in circles and circles dont get me anywhere, unless my circles aren’t really circles and they have a little angle and ill move slowly. and angle my way around. and that reminds me of angular velocity, which reminds of math, which reminds me of lunch, which reminds me of the class after which is world history. world history reminds me of boredom and art history projects that were started last semester and essays to memorize. then all that reminds me of stress that i shouldn’t have because its not going to be done until the last minute anyways. which reminds me of the word procrastination, which reminds me of my parent’s wanting of me to memorize vocabulary, which reminds me of their wanting of me to do well on PSATs and SATs and national merit. which reminds me that i have 1 month 1 day before i take SAT II Math IIC test. which reminds me of math again. and the circle continues.

maybe my mind’s wandering in circles does go somewhere.

what the. the school called me. that automatic recording thing. it said “the following has been recorded for your student” then it hung up. what a stupid automated machine.

oh my. apparently im doing 100 backstroke for the swim meet on friday. which means. ill never finish the race. and the meet will go on forever. why!? why backstroke!? i cant even do a 25. this sucks. suddenly, my flipturn changed today at practice. i used to turn to the left. now i turn to the right. and its making me get confused.

apparently aguilera’s mother in law died today. so the test was postponed. its ironic how the loss of someone else’s life saved my life

i decided to release my ich will video. its just like the original rammstein ich will video! except its all drawn out! albert gave me idea. its about robbing a bank if you wanted to know.

i watched romeo must die at my grandparents house. it was on superstation and it was all censored. ‘no shoot’ funny. then we came home halfway in the movie and then apparently my house doesn’t have superstation, so im posting an entry i wouldn’t have posted if it weren’t for those tv people that decided to not give me my superstation. bah.

a new depressing sad movie. that has no sense. no humor. a boring flash. dont watch it. i released it because i just made it.

hihowistheday: wow a peaceful ending

hihowistheday: scary..

hihowistheday: I was expecting blood

saturdays are boring. i dislike saturdays. and sundays. i dont like school. but i dont like weekends either. when theres not much to do. not much hw. nothing to do. boredom strikes. when theres an english test, i normally panic and study like crazy. but this time theres no book. so i CANT study. and im stuck with sparknotes and junk. then i finish homework. and theres even less things to do. i have nothing to do. nothing amuses me. i cant amuse myself. im tired of myself. amuse me. ill write my own theory. and ill be famous. ill call my theory the abraham theory. it will be in text books. ill be happy.

hihowistheday: why don’t you do something productive..

azN xrE taRD BOI: like what?

hihowistheday: find a cure for cancer