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with a frappuccino in front of me, energy surges through me as i get ready to write my 25 page roske essay. i get ready. my fingers over the keyboard. then i realize, i have no information to write about… and i collapse and die.

there is an assembly tomorrow for 1st and 2nd period. what do i do? i have no first period. do i go 2nd period? and miss the first half of this assembly? or do i go 1st period and watch the whole thing. if i go 2nd period. will they even let me in.. what shall i do.

‘whatever is too stupid to be said is sung’ – voltaire

what a wonderful quote. i learned this in bergantz’s class. its very inspiring. im never joining a band. apparently, there was emo music back in the days of voltaire.

oh ms. bergantz… not going to read a quote but having to tell us “oh im not reading this one!”. oh ms bergantz… i love your vocabulary. too bad your usage is incorrect and you emphasize your words wrong. silly woman. i cant wait until swim meets, so i think i can get out of that class earlier.

BeatingIt2Hard: Come to wghs.

BeatingIt2Hard: It will give you more free time.

BeatingIt2Hard: Plus

BeatingIt2Hard: You will be the smartest person at the school.

wghs im assuming is willow glen high school.

1) Starting time: 6:27 PM

2) Full name: Abraham Chang

3) Nicknames: abe, ham, bra, aha

4) School: Leland High School

5) email:

6) Eyes: brown

7) Height: 5’ 8, 9? i dont care much about height

8) Siblings: 2 sister

9) Been drunk before?: yes

10) Ever cheated or been cheated on?: nein

11) Ever missed school because it was raining?: no

12) Set any body part on fire for amusement?: my fingers

13) Kept a secret from everyone?: doesn’t everone

14) Had an imaginary friend?: myself

15) Wanted to hook up with a friend?: okay, whatever you say

16) Cried during a Flick?: never.

17) Had a crush on a teacher?: oh man. bergantz is… no

18) Ever thought of animated characters as hot?: ha. no

19) Ever at anytime owned a ‘New Kids on the block cd: what is that?

20)Ever prank called someone: yea.

21) Been on stage: but not doing anything


22) Shampoo: whatever i can see

23) Color: black and white. contrasting colors

24) Summer/Winter: winter

25) Online?: aim, site. blog. hw.

26) Lace, silk or satin?: fabrics are so cool. like herringbone and all those other junk we learned

27) friend: no favorite friend

28) Who hab you known the longest of your friends: someone from another school. but from school, its danny i think. or someone else

29) Who’s the loudest: uh. theres a lot

30) Who’s the shyest: myself

31) Who do you go to for advice: my imaginary friend. hes very helpful

32) Who do you get along with: everyone. ha.


33) Cried: nein

34) Been mean: ja

36) Been sarcastic: hai

37) Met someone new: dont know

38) Talked to someone you have a crush on?: nein

39) Missed someone: nein

40) Hugged someone: nein

41) Fought with your parent(s): nein

42) Wished upon a star: nein

43) Laughed until you’ve cried: never in my life

44) Played Truth or Dare: nein

45) Watched a sunrise/sunset: yes

46) Went to the beach at night: no

47) Read a book for fun?: the good earth. ha

48) Ate a meal: no. i just started for a few weeks

49) Are you lonely?: quite

50) Are you happy?: quite

51) Are you talking to someone online?:no. im ‘invisible’. i like this option on new aim


52)God/Devil: yes

53) Love: ja

54) The Closet Monster: whats that

55) The Big Bang Theory: sure

56)Heaven/hell: ja

57) Superstitions?: nein

58) Full Name: i believe in full name.

59) Who named you?: mein vater (father)

60)Backstreet Boys or N Sync?: oh man. what a tough decision.

61) When was the last time you showered?: a few minutes ago. because after swimming

62) What was the last thing that you said when u were online last?: ‘g2g’

63) What is right next to you?: my computer and papers and books

64) What is your computer desk made of? wood

65) What was the last thing that you did: started this

67) Where would you want to go on your honeymoon?: germany!!!!! no one is going to marry me now.

68) Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?: someone that is loved.

69) How’s the weather?: dark

70) What did you do last night?: honors project

71) Thing that you find attractive about the opposite sex?: personality.

72) How do YOU eat an Oreo?: just bite it to death

73) All time favorite TV show: none

74)Dream car?: something that works

75)What do you want to be when you grow up: computer something

77) Favorite music?: rock.

79) Favorite food?: tv dinners

80) Favorite days of the week?: wednesday

83) If you could change your name, what would it be? im used to my name

84) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: sorry. no. unless someone buys me an emo bear

85) the most stupid thing u ever done?: burn my fingers

86) First Son’s name?: flake, after rammstein’s keyboarder

87) First daughter?: nina, after nina hagen who sang rammstein

88) Husband/ wife?: im not sure

89)Fave drink: dr pepper

90) You like scary or funny movies better?: funny

91) On the phone or in person?: person

92.) Lust or Love: love

93) If you could change something about yourself, what would it be? my mind

94) Do you consider cheerleading a sport?: no. its just a bunch of screaming girls running around in miniskirts

95) Do u have pets?: fish

96) Who sent this survey to you?: danny

97) What do you think about this person?: hes psychotic and he is good at music

98) What are a few of your favorite songs?: rammstein – sonne

100) Do you want your friends to do this survey?: no. i dont care about my friends lives

101)What is your favorite smell?: my nasal smells

102)Time Finished ?: 6:43

swimming is tiring and i am slow. i hate kicking. and i hate backstroke. also dislike the butterfly. i dont like diving because i dont know how. and diving only makes me go down faster and not farther. so i wish i could just push off the wall. it would be much better. did i mention i am slow? today we timed 100 freestyle. and i got a slowtime. i stopped in the middle. because everyone is so far ahead, i only saw water, so i thought i was doing an extra lap. i stop and. oops. i wasn’t going extra. so i got 74 seconds. and thats slow. my breaststroke is faster than my freestyle i think. pathetic me. someone said “i have so many girl scout cookies. damn those cute little girls” when we were swimming. pedophile. however it is spelled. but he wouldn’t be that. because we are all considered minors still. hm. whatever.

“You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the tallest guy in the NBA is Chinese, the Swiss hold the America’s Cup, France is accusing the US of arrogance, Germany doesn’t want to go to war, and the three most powerful men in America are named ‘Bush’, ‘Dick”, and ‘Colon”, Need I say more?”

so, this person i once knew in 8th grade IMed me. its very interesting. hes changed a lot. hes gotten more weird.

Initial Reality… the next nihongo brothers production.


apologies to squaresoft…