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its february 29. what a weird day.

when it was the year 2001, the chinese believd it was year 4699. the hebrews believed it was 5762 and muslims thought it was 1422. what weirdness. calendars are so different. and then the gregorian calendar that people use most now have to add a february 29 every 4 years. but that feb 29 doesn’t always work, so every 100 years, they dont have it. unless the year can be divided by 400 and they keep it. but that doesn’t work either. so every 4000 years they do feb 29 also.

heres how it became so. julian calendar was introduced in 46 BC year 709 to romans. julian calendar was off by 11 minutes a year, so in 1582 there was a 10 day error. so pope gregory xiii said the day following oct 4 would be oct 15. they skipped 10 days. and so officially no one was born in france, italy, spain, or portugal between oct 5 – oct 14. britain adopted the gregorian calendar in 1752, so they dropped 11 days out of september. sept 3 – sept 13, 1752. and the new years for 1751 was held in march. it went like this. march 24, 1750 and the next day was march 25, 1751. wonderful.

its not february 29. its march 1!!!!

new layout if u haven’t noticed.

i dont like complainers. but i am complaining about complainers. so that makes me a complainer. so therefore im a hypocrite. but that means everyone that thinks a complainer is annoying is a hypocrite. and i think everyone in this world will have that experience once. so therefore. this world is full of hypocrites. cool.

just so you know… that annoying girl quotes have been updated and filled completely. and so. have fun. i might make even more. 1 per frame. right now its 1 every 4 or 5 frames. just need to record some more quotes.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

– Galileo Galilei

i learned a lot of boys and girls today. that guy is really horny. but then he says all guys are horny. hm. sex thoughts 20 times an hour. quite a lot.

lets go on a date. i shall greet you by punching you. then you ill take you fishing. and fish out twelve roses. and hand them to you along with some weeds.

i got a bookmark. i can call his home phone number. the bookmark smells bad.

LETS SUPPORT ILL MITCH! A Russian Rapper that come from russia to us. he punch while rap. and his board is fast and danger. he has 2 side. one happy, one anger. hes cool


Young Germans Embrace Ants in Latest Pet Craze

Wed Feb 25,11:15 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) – German children are marching to pet shops to follow a pricey new trend for ant-breeding, German insect dealer Martin Sebesta said on Tuesday.

After the creatures were showcased as pets at a German agricultural fair last month, the self-proclaimed “ant fanatic” has had so much interest from children and students at his Berlin store that he plans to open two new shops.

“Children love them because they can observe a mini-world. Every member of the colony has a different job to do, some collect food, others defend the queen,” said Sebesta, who sells at least two colonies per day at around $126 each.

“They are easy to look after, eat household scraps and can live up to 30 years,” said Sebesta, whose most expensive ants cost $1,764 per colony of up to 20 ants.

The biggest species he offers is from Southeast Asia and grows up to around two inches while others are barely visible, said the 28-year-old, who has been selling ants on the Internet since February 2000. He said most people preferred to come to his shop to handle the ants before buying them online.

“It could just be a phase but I hope not,” he said.

my only comment is that rammstein started it all! its in germany and rammstein had the ants video!

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