Monthly Archives: January 2004

i had a dream about me wearing converses. all that happened was i looked down and there were converses on my feet. then i said something random like “im conforming with society”. then i woke up with a fright. not really. but i woke up. it was a short dream.

i got put in drivers ed. but i have swimming. so i cant take it. must drop it.

theres an 8th grader in Math78. (thats the class after calcBC for those stalkers that dont know.) thats freaken crazy. wtf. apparently hes.. 6 or 7 years ahead of his level. 6 if he takes ma and takes calcAB. or 7 if he takes mah and takes calcBC. whatever. but that kid is insanely smart to do that. hes probably going to go insane in the middle of his life. realize theres no more math that is offered. and goes off to prove some unprovable theory and then think math as a easy subject. or hes just going to realize hes a nerd and shoot himself. either way. whoever this kid is, hes weird.

in the library today, these 2 chinese fobs. a boy and girl were talking a lot. they were talking in their little chinese language about cdrom drives. and how fast they get. and stuff. then they studdenly digressed into ayumi hamasaki. they were talking about that ‘rainbow’ song. and how all her songs all sound the same and stuff. then they were discussing her looks. and they were discussing the looks of japanese girls. from them i learned that japanese girls aren’t cute, they are pretty. eh. they are all the same. chinese people analyze too much.

for those who wonder why i dont talk about my life much, its because this is a public blog for the world to see. and i dont like people getting all into my life. so this blog is mainly used for ranting junk. thats all.

yi san san qi: Gay I didn’t go to Fresh Choice

yi san san qi: I wanted to eat a baked potato

azN xrE taRD BOI: i didn’t either

yi san san qi: And be like

yi san san qi: Bergantz taught me alot

yi san san qi: Thank you Ancient Incas!

in that webdesign class, there was this one person that asked what html was. then another person asked the person next to her if html had something to do with xanga. weirdos.

freshmen are annoying. they are all queer and emo fools. a few come up to me and always say “korn freak” and make it seem like a bad thing. maybe it is. but i dont know. i dont like korn anymore. then theres this dumb one that always goes up to talk to me and likes to insult me. saying my sister is cooler than me. and such stupid stuff trying to put me down. saying im not cool enough to talk to him. so why doesn’t he go talk to some other people? loser. all the freshmen should just blow their heads off. they worry so much about all those dances. its freaken almost february and freshmen still ask me about homecoming. it was 3 months ago!!! stfu freshmen. you people pollute the world. you should all die. they should make highschool 3 years long. then next year, 2 years long, then year after 1 year. and after that i could care less. at least i dont like the class of 2007.

AHH!! i sit near annoying english girl.

another penguin game

this one is larger and its higher numbers.

i got 587.1

i am currently in this “graphics” class. apparently its web design. so its boring. 3 hours long..

penguin game

i got 321.1.

im so cool

ahh!! im going insane. singing that britney spears song. im so cool.

thats cool. apparently, i was absent from 1st period today. but i dont have a first period! wtf. my schedule doesn’t have a first period. now its all stupid. fucking school.

another person trying to get popular through my movies. marc abi-samra. lets applaud him. watch the movie.

im pretty sure o-lan is not a chinese name. theres no “o” vowel in chinese. only i, u and… ΓΌ. lies. its a stupid book really.

wow. my mom knows about this book. is it that famous?