Monthly Archives: December 2003

im stupid. i dont know what to do. i dont want to do anything. oh well. thats good enough for me. i think. i update too much now. i used to edit and add more. now i just keep on adding new posts. weird me. ive changed apparently. i am silent in real life and talkative on aim. thats what a person said to me. too bad that person met me only once. eh. am i talkative? i dont think so. too bad for everyone. what am i talking about? i dont know. winter break really kills me. i dont like it. i think im going insane. but i was already insane before. i became insaner? sure. that sounds wonderful. im a masochist. weirdos. what a bunch of freaks. yea yea. if this entry begins to confuse and scare you. then… too bad. i talk what i want! this is my blog! my blog! not yours! stop telling me what to do with it! hahaha! i sound so egotistical. stop it!. i hide from everyone on aim. its fun. spying on people and stalking them. making screennames that no one knows. now everyone can feel unsafe. er. this entry is dumb. im going to leave and do something that doesn’t require anything. if that means anything. oh well. too bad. im a pathetic fool.

bye. i think.

i ate a grapefruit today. it tasted good. i dont feel like going on aim. no one wants to talk to me. i dont want to talk to anyone. its a mutual relationship. nothing to do on aim. i dont like to start conversations. they are stupid. aim is evil. i hate it. it wastes my time. ffx2 is funner. bye.

i vacumed the house. its very dirty. all the dust is gone! wonderful. its so fun. (that was sarcasm). my room is less dirty! wonderful. the house is less dirty. all the dirty stuff is gone. i think. oh well

eh i think i sucked up a few quarters..


the bathtub in my house is getting very dirty. no one uses it because we all use the shower and thats not the same as the bathtub. so the bathtub is filthy. oh well. thats too bad for the bathtub.

whats with that stupid “stacie’s mom” song? its the most retarded song in the world, yet that world loves the song. what a stupid song. talking about fantasizing about someone’s mom. even the music video is stupid. its disgusting. i hate it. fountains of wayne or whatever is a dumb band. they probably fantasize about each other’s moms all day long. why!? why is it so popular?

F A M E by spazyspag
Youre famous for: Killing the president
You get famous: October 21, 2004
You make $$ per/year: $768,461,547,409,210
Do people like you? Everyone hates you
Dead/Alive: Alive, but not for long
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JermRiddled: i was walking down the street

azN xrE taRD BOI: how come i had no blackout?

JermRiddled: and I tripped the wire

JermRiddled: and then the whole state went down

JermRiddled: cause you’re 1337

its raining!


its wet everywhere!

its freezing cold.

i love it!


thats all.

what a nice computer case

scarlet shrimp are like little go karts. they dont have reverse settings. so if a scarlet shrimp does a somersault and miscalculates, he can get stuck between 2 rocks. then i have to shake the stupid container to get him out.

migicubes are awesome.

go to


by abraham chang

a raindrop fell from the sky

the fall was spry

it fell on a leaf

filled with grief

left alone

lost in the unknown


it will not dilute

wishing to be set free

wanting to flee

the raindrop screams out

the silent reply causes doubts

as the darkness clears

the sun is here

the bright light burns

the searing pain was the least of its concern

salvation has come to the poor little raindrop


it will not dilute

eh. what a stupid poem. i was thinking of raindrops. i dont even know what this poem means. maybe it has some super deep meaning. but i haven’t found it yet.