Monthly Archives: October 2003

10/31/2003 Entry: “halloween”

its halloween. people are all dressed up. its annoying. why dress up? aguilera dressed up as some scary woman. it was disturbing. im going to have nightmares. lalala. i was going to go watch kill bill with kevin, scott and tom today. but we didn’t have anyone to buy tickets so we walked around. tickets COST SO much!!! its dumb. why? bah bah. so we played time crisis 3. it was a relay. 2 people play the other 2 get the money. and then when they die they switch. it was fun. i like grenade launchers. and then we walked around. i bought my clothes i need. then i got a jamba juice. we went back to arcade. we played some of that ddr. we are the best. we had 4 people so we each got an arrow. i got the left arrow! we cleared them all! it was fun. but we didn’t watch kill bill.. oh well.

Music: DDR – Butterfly

10/30/2003 Entry: “update today”

bah. i updated today. now stop complaining.

f a t s h e e p1: no entry today
azN xrE taRD BOI: what do u want me to write about?
f a t s h e e p1: about not writing it on time
f a t s h e e p1: and how u should be disappointed
f a t s h e e p1: people like us are waiting for it man
f a t s h e e p1: its our only salvation
f a t s h e e p1: do u kno how many people in the world are waiting for ure entry
azN xrE taRD BOI: no
f a t s h e e p1: well its a lot of people
azN xrE taRD BOI: i updated
f a t s h e e p1: sweet
f a t s h e e p1: wtf
f a t s h e e p1: now its like my blog
azN xrE taRD BOI: u have a blog?
f a t s h e e p1: no
f a t s h e e p1: but that entry makes it look like mine
f a t s h e e p1: tat’s all my opinion
azN xrE taRD BOI: wtf?
azN xrE taRD BOI: oh well
azN xrE taRD BOI: ill write something later
f a t s h e e p1: o ok
f a t s h e e p1: make it depressing

ok. so heres a depressing entry.

im depressed. go away. stop intruding on my life. if u want to know my life ask me. go away. bah bah. i hate myself. japanese is dumb. i want to drop it. life sucks. i hate it. bah. i am going to die. blah blah. oh well. bye. i’ll update later.

Music: Korn – Somebody Someone

10/29/2003 Entry: “i hate cannibals”

i have the weirdest dreams ever. yesterday i dreamt i went a cannibal corpse concert. i dont even listen to cannibal corpse. i hate them. they are stupid. and yet my dream had them. and my grandparents went to the concert with me. it was weird. and it took place at the new oakridge theater thing even tho i have never seen the theater. ahh! i hate cannibal corpse.

english class began to read lord of the flies today. i think its an interesting book. somewhat. i feel sorry for piggy. he has like the crappiest life ever. parents dead. fat boy. glasses. asthma. its sad. and people are mean to him.

korn has made a new single. and it sucks. korn is like crap now. they were great back then. with issues and follow the leader. but now with untouchables and junk. everything now sounds the same. they all sound like “here to stay”. i hate it. bah. hm. korn is on tour. san francisco. nov. 12. how dumb. wednesday. and i cant believe they are playing with limp bizkit. they put themselves so low. bah. im so hypocritical.

so many koreans. all debating the pokemon thing. squirtle vs. charmander vs. bulbasaur. no one likes bulbasaur. so its basically a squirtle vs charmander. i still think squirtle is better. but the debate is very annoying. people with profiles saying stuff like “blah blah pokemon fucks blah blah pokemon in the ass”. its very annoying. i hate pokemon.

Music: Korn – Somebody Someone

10/28/2003 Entry: “power bars and personality disorders”

i wonder why people eat power bars. why cant they just eat healthy food? instead people spend like 2$ for this little bar that is the size of an eraser. why? and people still force themselves to eat it even if it tastes like crap. so companys go and make wonderful flavors like cookies and creme. adding chocolate and junk like that. make them taste wonderful. but then… doesn’t that make it fatty? and destroy the purpose of the power bar? i dont get it.

the new Time magazine was talking about personality disorders. its very strange. they show a bunch of people that have different disorders. and they always say they have straight A’s. weird. do people with straight A’s have problems? maybe they do. maybe they dont. i dont know. i dont have straight A’s. so no depression for me. no bipolar for me. no schizoidness for me. no ADHD for me. no OCD for me. nope. no personality disorders for me. none at all. also no valedictorian.

f a t s h e e p1: tat’s so gay
f a t s h e e p1: self therapy would be like
f a t s h e e p1: talking to ureself
f a t s h e e p1: “so tell me about ure childhood”
f a t s h e e p1: (switch chairs)
f a t s h e e p1: “well i was abused as a child and then i decided to look for something else *ahem* tmac
azN xrE taRD BOI: why do u do self therapy?
f a t s h e e p1: u don’t that’s the point
azN xrE taRD BOI: of course
f a t s h e e p1: it doesn’t help crap
f a t s h e e p1: u just look retarded
f a t s h e e p1: like an aznxretardboi
f a t s h e e p1: cuz ure talking to ureslef

Music: Rammstein – Seemann

10/27/2003 Entry: “wow its been a while.”

today is my 1 year anniversary. with my blurty. wow its been a year. a year of blogging almost everyday. its crazy. 1 year. oct 27. 1 year ago i was writing in a blurty. its weird. what a waste of a year. this was my first entry…

11:25a – wonderful
i finally found a journal… i wanted a livejournal but i didn’t have an activation code thing… so stupid

current mood: happy
current music: Korn – Blame

wow. brings back memories. i remember the time for blurty was all screwed up. this was really at 2 in the morning not 11:25 as it states. so memorable. i remember first writing in blurty. just for fun. just for personal uses. not really. replaced my subprofile. blissful. i didn’t care whether people read it or not. and i still dont care who reads this. im happy. and wonderful.

Music: Rammstein – Klavier

10/26/2003 Entry: “daylight savings is dumb”

i hate daylight savings. i wake up. its really 7. bah. i hate it. its like going to oct 26 two times! so if a person has a birthday today. they have it twice! lucky people.

if japanese was a human. i would stab it. then mutilate it. shoot it a few times. take a needle. inject gasoline. light it on fire. watch as its hiragana flow out of its dead body. then hang it up and beat it until all the kanji fall out and give it back to the chinese. and smash it into the ground. and yank out all the katakana. and feed it to dead gophers. then push it off the cliff. and watch it fall. and take
out a grenade to see if the laws of gravity are real. and then be happy. and content. and watch the romanji splash everywhere. and laugh at all the bits and pieces of relationals.

Music: Mudvayne – Dig

10/25/2003 Entry: “flowers are dumb”

flowers grow around the world. for free. and yet people still pay money for them. what a ripoff. oh well.

abraham chang
n. an irritating DJ.
“Want me to play with that abraham chang, Grandma?”


n. someone who has a different DJ every week.
“My aznxretardboi isn’t a popular as Mom’s.”

why do mine always deal with Djs?

it was found at

rammstein’s ich will live show.
decided to have some fire in this entry.

Music: Rammstein – Sehnsucht

10/24/2003 Entry: “spiel mit mir”

i forgot what i was going to talk about.
i never had anything to talk about.
oh yea.
foreign exchange is weird.
i got this letter to see if i was interested.
i read it just for the hell of it.
it seems interesting.
go to a place for 1 year.
my dad doesn’t like it
he says its a load of crap about politics and trying to get peace that way.
or something of that sort.
i want to do it
just for fun.
go to a place like germany
deutshland. or whatever.
it would be cool to learn german
i would be closer to rammstein than ever.
it would be great.
i would be happy.

Music: Rammstein – Spiel Mit Mir

10/23/2003 Entry: “fun”

i hate aguileras class. she makes it so hard and scary. and recitations today. and then. i didn’t go today! ahhh! ulcers!. hm.

if u haven’t realized already. the matrices part 2 was out. for about a week. but no one cares. dont care about this one. its just some link to end matrices. and begin. kill daniel. somewhat.

and theres a new project. called “the bored blog”. in this blog we will attempt to recreate a xanga with more skill. it will be more boring and dumber and more depressing and emo and whatever than a xanga. we will kill xangas. its found at


Music: Static-X – This is Not

10/21/2003 Entry: “psats are so fun.”

psats are fun. i want to take them again! yay! i smile when i hear those 4 letters. they are so cool. yay. i want to fill in more bubbles.

seriously. psats are annoying. i had rammstein – du hast stuck in my head during the verbal and writing sections. and trapt – headstrong during math. its quite annoying. i hate bubbles. i want to stab a hole through every one. it seemed easier than the real sat tho. i guess thats good. hopefully.

why do people study for psats? its the sophomore year. no one cares about it! no national merit scholarship. why bother? i didn’t study. if i did good. then i know i am doing well. if i did bad. then i am happy that i didn’t bother studying.

Music: Rammstein – Du Hast

10/20/2003 Entry: “freaken psats”

tommorrow is psat day.
how fun.
20 minute class periods.
why do they do this?
they make 2 english related sections.
writing and verbal.
and one math section.
freaken people.
trying to give white people advantages.
not fair.
oh well.
college board is dumb.
i hate them.

Music: Rammstein – Seemann

10/19/2003 Entry: “hair”

you are so stupid.
why do u exist!?
all you do is grow long
and drain me of my nutrients.
stupid amino acid chains.
u just grow longer and longer.
i hate you when ur short.
i hate you when ur long.
i hate you when ur gone.
you are so stupid.
why do u exist!?
u anger me.
u grow so long.
cover my eyes.
and then i cant see.
and suddenly.
ur all gone.
and i miss you.
you are so stupid.
why do you exist!?
you are so stupid.
why do you exist!?

my little song i wrote.

Bot Ango Han (11:04:26 PM): yay I finally get to eat dinner

Music: Mudvayne – Dig

10/19/2003 Entry: “gum is gone”

it tasted like flour.
i think my spit had broken it down too much
it was falling apart
7 hours.
good job

10/18/2003 Entry: “chew gum”

chewing gum. does it do anything? i think not. just something for the mouth to do. exercise jaw muscles. gum tastes weird. it tastes minty. and then. tastes like tar. im going for a world record. i wonder how long i can chew this piece of gum. as of right now. its been 6 hours. go me. chewing. chewing a rock.

i taste you gum.
u taste so good.
freshening my breath.
10 minutes past and
now ur not so good.
now ur all hard and nasty.
and u taste like cafeteria food.
i hate you gum.
i hate you.
i wish you would burn up.
and just go away.
but no.
ur gum and ur stuck as gum.
u will never ever diminish like food.
i hate you.
i hate you.
u taste nasty.

tTtootTtOorRroO: wut if u had lint in ur ass

Music: nothing

10/17/2003 Entry: “hacked off”

today i decided to go get my hair cut. i decided that i looked too emo. all those stupid freshmen with their long hair. i decided to look like an individual and get my hair cut. all cut now. i watched in horror as my hair suddenly dissapearred from my view. it was sad. i felt my head get lighter. less strain on my neck. and suddenly the torture was over. less hair. not as short and most guys these days have it. i hate short hair. i hate very long hair. i like it in between. i guess.

found this in erics profile-

< p align="JUSTIFY">
Shakespeare teaches us two things:
When everything seems to be going nicely, expect imminent and complete failure.
Suicide is always an option.

Music: Korn – Somebody Someone

10/16/2003 Entry: “3 day weekend!”

its a 3 day weekend! so im wonderfully happy. i like it. yay! i want to see kill bill.

psats are coming.

my left arm is more yellow than my right arm.
doesn’t make sense.
none of them get any sun at all.

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
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cuddle and a kiss
cuddle and a kiss on the forehead – you like to be
close to your special someone and feel warm,
comfortable, and needed

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

i dont really think these describe me.

when harry met sally
Everyone remembers the ‘faked-orgasm-in-a-deli’
sequence from your kind of movie When Harry Met
Sally. It seems that you’re falling for a buddy
or have already fallen for them. Uh-oh. You’re
probably caught between the possibility of
having a great relationship and wrecking the
one you have now. You know what they say, it’s
better to regret something you did than
something you didn’t do.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
brought to you by Quizilla

what movie is that?

My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life’s not fair! It’s never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something’s gotta change. And it’s gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
brought to you by Quizilla

got pretty close.

Bot Ango Han: I’m doing all my homework today so I can spend the entire weekend working on character logs
Bot Ango Han: cuz I’m such a lazy shit
azN xrE taRD BOI: haha
Bot Ango Han: except my Japanese homework
Bot Ango Han: I’ll do that monday morning
Bot Ango Han: like I always do

f a t s h e e p1: frigign aguilera
f a t s h e e p1: die bitch die
f a t s h e e p1: “o im just gonna pile hmkr”
f a t s h e e p1: “so u can fail the PSAT”
azN xrE taRD BOI: haha
f a t s h e e p1: “and then none of u will go to college”
f a t s h e e p1: ” and then u can all be managers”
f a t s h e e p1: “of the janitorial department”
azN xrE taRD BOI: haha
f a t s h e e p1: “on the macdonald on mcabee”

Music: Final Fantasy X-2 International Site Theme

10/15/2003 Entry: “ill never look at a xanga the same way again”

u know. people. we shouldn’t stereotype xangas to be depressed asian only. there are white people also. they are also depressed. cant leave them out. thats racist. reinaldo showed me this xanga of a kid from leland ring. so there was this white guy. its amazing i know. and guess what. hes depressed. his xanga is black background with purple text. hard to read. but why purple? purple is the color of gays as most know. and guess what. that guy is. er. gay. so. its pretty interesting. a guy from leland being gay and in gay straight alliance. scariness. now i will be scared of everyone.

u know. it seems like you dont see as many people kissing each other and touching each other and eating each other in the halls as much anymore. strange.

azN xrE taRD BOI: its beniel khung!
azN xrE taRD BOI: AHH!!!
azN xrE taRD BOI: run!
f a t s h e e p1: ahhh
f a t s h e e p1: its a super nerd
f a t s h e e p1: who sucks up to teachers

Yoshimi – “Happy Beauty”
Sponsored by

What would your Japanese name be? (female)
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Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?
brought to you by Quizilla

still avoidant…

Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by Quizilla

still red.

You are Storm!

You are very strong and very protective of those
you love. You are in tune with nature and are
very concerned with justice and humanity.
Unfortunately, certain apprehensions and fears
are very hard for you to overcome, and can
often inhibit you when most need to be strong.

Which X-Men character are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

Music: Static-X – This is Not

10/14/2003 Entry: “falling”

why is falling in love called falling in love? why falling? why not some other verb? like walking? or something lame? instead they call it falling? its strange. makes it feel like a death trap. it could be just me. but i think falling in love sounds violent. its seems like one fell in a pit and cant get out. or something like that. thats my imagination of the phrase “falling in love”. i dont know. if anyone can clarify. please do.

this entry is not meant to imply anything

Music: Rammstein – Adios

10/13/2003 Entry: “word travels too fast”

u know. its dumb. school is dumb. have u read the newspaper? it says no freaking at dances. but then. they play songs like adidas.. kinda defeats the purpose. so. how are you doing? thats wonderful. im doing fine also. thank you very much. thats nice. wow. you are interesting. hm? yea. that. er. sure. whatever. what do you want? wtf is this? huh? oh that. why not? sure that works. okay. thanks. u read too much. whatever. nice. wow. huh? erg. nice. er. ok. the end.

Music: Korn – Somebody Someone

10/12/2003 Entry: “happy birthday”

happy birthday to myself.




im old
i can take drivers ed now

Music: Rammstein – Engel

10/11/2003 Entry: “nightmare on elm street”

really its a morning mare. whatever that is. bellarmine is on the street of elm street. so i woke up at 7 today. went to bellarmine to take sat. bellarmine sats are dumb. they aren’t on time. they started 50 minutes late. so i sat and froze. when the test began, i gave myself 10 minutes to thaw my limbs before i started to use my finger or they might break off. pretty stupid. i hate ets. or college board. or whatever. dumb. chinese school. then i went to oakridge. its pretty crowded. nothing new. or some stuff is new. i dont really know. dont go there too much. i bought live aus berlin! wonderful cd. i guess. i got pants. i walked into hot topic. scary place. whatever happened to all them korn shirts? now all punk rock. so i decided what im going to be on halloween. a goth! so if u have any gothic accessories. a few chains or something. donate them! im happy. my life is happy. my birthday tomorrow. grades are due.

azN xrE taRD BOI: my life is over
hihowistheday: ah
hihowistheday: I would like to use this time to wish you a happy brith day :-)
azN xrE taRD BOI: thank you
hihowistheday: and may you rest in peace


Music: Rammstein – Everything on Live Aus Berlin

10/10/2003 Entry: “i dream”

i had a dream i got a haircut. except my dream was very strange. the barber cut all stupid. and then stabbed my head. yea. weird. i also went skydiving in my dreams. i think its weird. i hope these dont come true.

i went through my computer’s music collection. its pretty crazy. songs i forgot i have. songs i never knew i had. songs that i dled and never listened to. the first few songs that i listened to. memories. my choice in music has changed. used to be that more depressing stuff. now its just suicide music… !!!… hm. what else? i saw the first song i ever heard. papa roach – last resort. sad memories. listened to the song. haven’t heard it in a while. dreamy. found limp bizkit. band i liked for a few weeks. found nirvana. found our lady peace. found punk rock. *gasp*. its pretty crazy. found techno. found so much stuff. old asian pop music that i haven’t heard. sighers. disturbed. mmm. haven’t heard them in a while.

shallow skin, i can paint with pain. i mark the trails on my arms with your disdain. everyday it’s the same – i love, you hate but i guess i don’t care anymore… fix my problems with a blade. while my eyes turn from blue to gray. god. the worst thing happened to me today. but i guess i dont care anymore.
—Slipknot – Everything Ends

Music: Papa Roach – Between Angels and Insects

10/09/2003 Entry: “im sick”

im sick and nauseated. my head hurts. my arms are fatigued. my legs are fatigued. i dont know why. my throat is soar. i have a soar throat. my blood is like coming out of my throat. er. dont take the last description as true. i went to sleep after school. and woke up at 6:45. so i have to do hw.

homecoming is very dumb. people talking about it. and its 1 month away. people like to procrastinate on school stuff. but dont procrastinate on homecoming stuff. and a san francisco theme? what random junk. san francisco has nothing. just a bunch of hobos and gay guys. hm. must be influence from our gay straight club stuff. what are they trying to influence people into thinking at this homecoming stuff? that guys should ask guys to homecoming? cuz san francisco has a bunch of homos. enough done.

i dont like julius caesar the movie. i cant wait till julius caesar dies!!!

azN xrE taRD BOI: who did u put for calphuyrnia?
MyFirstMitten: some random chick
azN xrE taRD BOI: name
azN xrE taRD BOI: please
MyFirstMitten: pamela anderson
MyFirstMitten: mary carey

Music: Rammstein – Mutter

10/07/2003 Entry: “stupid recall”

the recall is dumb. we are screwed. arnold won. death to california. we lose. oh no. ahh. damn people. argh.

PEACEMEN 2004: i changed my homecoming ballot
PEACEMEN 2004: and voted davis

10/06/2003 Entry: “what have i done to abraham?”

what have i done to abraham? it doesn’t seem like im the same person anymore. at least my grades reflect that. argh. intramurals for mah are stupid. they make it so hard. its so dumb. i hate it.

i found this:

Most Functional Word “The Most Functional Word ” Well it’s Shit …….. That’s right, Shit! Shit may just be the most functional word in the English language. Consider this: You can be shit faced, shit out of luck, or have shit for brains. With a little effort, you can get your shit together, find a place for your shit or decide to shit or get off the pot. You can smoke shit, buy shit, sell shit, lose shit, find shit, forget shit, and tell others to eat shit and die. Some people know their shit, while others can’t tell the difference between shit and shine. There are lucky shits, crazy shits, and sweet shits. There is bull shit, horse shit, and chicken shit you can throw shit, sling shit, catch shit, shoot shit, or duck when shit hits the fan. You can give a shit, or take a shit. You can be happier than a pig in shit, or you can find yourself in deep shit. Some days are cold as shit, some days are hot as shit, and some
days are just plain shit…

i guess it makes sense.

i learned that school vending machines are GAY! they are so deceiving. i bought a dr. pepper. it made a sound. but nothing came out. so i put in another dollar. same thing. now i was really pissed. i needed my dr. pepper. i cant live without it. so i walk around and go to another vending machine about 2 vending machines down. then i put in a dollar and push the dr pepper button. a dr pepper came out. when bend down to pick it up. kevin luu said “dont buy a soda!!” and he took a soda out of the first vending machine. then i walked over pissed and said “wtf?” i was amazed. it came out. then suddenly. the 2nd dr pepper i bought fell out. so i ended up with 3 dr peppers. i guess that was better than getting 1 dr pepper for the price of 3. hm. if u dont get it. i got 3 for the price i paid for. but i only wanted 1 dr pepper.

chem class is my funnest class right now. i dont do anything. just sit there. so its so stupid. and im not in honors. but i want to be. argh. roske = stupid. today in chem. our table had a debate about gay people. it was very interesting. oh well. im bored in that class. thats why its so cool.

Music: Static-X – This is Not

10/05/2003 Entry: “wtf is emo?”

trying to prove absolutely nothing:

what is emo? supposedly it means emotional. but then isn’t all music emotional? unless the singer is monotone of course. but otherwise its all emo. dont u agree? but does that make rammstein emo? if emo is all sad and junk, then rammstein would be emo. hell. even their first cd title was herzeleid (heartache).

Save each other from heartache
for the time that you are together is short

emo? hm. klavier. it kinda seems emo.. read part of the lyrics..

There, at the piano
I listened to her
and when her playing began
I held my breath
There, at the piano
I stood beside her
it seemed
she played for me alone

romantic?.. somewhat. now read the verse thats right after this chorus..

The door is open
oh, how they scream
I hear the mother pleading
the father is beating me
they take her from the piano
and no one believes me here
that I am deathly ill
from sorrow and the stench

killed the emo-ness.. so what IS emo? is it just sad people? does it have to have sad music? and so concludes my proof of nothing. what did i prove? nothing. so i think the idea of emo is stupid. stop calling yourself emo if you dont listen to rammstein. or any other music. i bet even slipknot is emo. actually they are. i mean seriously. left behinds lyrics. so emo. i guess. sad depressed kid wanting to suicide. if thats emo. then everything is emo. so stop the emo. i want clarification!!

i wantched this other movie today. 2 movies. just parts of it. it was in tbs superstation. girl-interuppted and some save the last dance crap. that girl movie was weird. i just saw angelina jolie smoke some joints and some borderline girl. i didn’t get it. save the last dance was just like going to leland mixers and sitting down and watching some people freak each other. and so many black people. where do they find all these black people? and one white girl?! what place do they live in?! what place hasn’t the asian population overtaken?! racist people.

Music: Rammstein – Klavier

10/05/2003 Entry: “maids are stupid”

yesterday. i was hungry so i went downstairs to go eat something. my sister was watching maid in manhatten with that jennifer lopez person. it was quite a stupid movie. a poor women fated with some rich person. doesn’t really make sense. and that fate stuff is stupid. and they are fighting like crazy and angry at each other. in 10 seconds they are screwing each other again. so stupid. fate is stupid. its not real. so stupid. love movies are full of it. they never happen in real life.

Music: RA – Do You Call My Name

10/04/2003 Entry: “whatever”

You are Yuna. The once summoner now Sphere Hunter
who believes in doing whats right. You are kind
hearted, and think of others, and you are
willingy to go to whatever ends to find the one
you love.

What Final Fantasy X-2 Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are Paine. Never revealing your secrets but
still a strong member of your group.

Which Final Fantasy X-2 Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

you are yuna!!
Yuna is who you are mostlikly to be.You are Yuna in
your past life…..maybe.

Which Final Fantasy x-2 character is your perfect match
brought to you by Quizilla


Which Final Fantasy X-2 character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Your a loyal and….cant whistle…… you will do
anything to get back your loved one even if it
takes years…to find him again *sniffle*

Which Final Fantasy X-2 GIRL are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

i think thats me… i cant whistle..

what contradiction.

only… 2 months minus 2 days left…
want the game now!

theres that new oakridge. all new and happy. whats so special about it? is it just larger? is there actually a difference? are there anything that would interest me? malls are so boring. i dont know why.

matrix revolutions seem interesting. seems so stupid at the same time. robots and junk. mechwarrior rip off. and that fire face of agent smith. its from that one movie. i cant remember it. everything is so weird. hes stopping little squid like sperm robot things. and something ab

out eyes of oracle. and that horny guy with wine. its strange. and stupid. and interesting. all at the same time. wachowski brothers are interesting people.

Music: Static-X – Black and White —- Their Shadow Zone Cd comes out on the 7th

10/03/2003 Entry: “i love the weekend”

its the weekend! its time to forget about the ill-fated japanese test today. time to catch up on missing sleep. this week is going to suck. i can feel it already. monday: nothing. dying in all my classes. tuesday is aguilera test. thurs or friday is mah test. saturday is sat. hm. friday will be the end of grading period. and sunday… my birthday… yay. happy 15th birthday to me… bah

and im sick of xanga. and xangaers. they just complain all day. and bitch about it when they dont get any eprops or whatever the hell they are called. they just want everyone to read and confirm they have read it all and get like 10 million eprops. argh

im going to stop writing in here

Music: Rammstein – Sonne

10/02/2003 Entry: “school is the most successful torture device ever invented”

school is like an ancient medieval torture device on steroids. its painful and it sucks. its so stupid. especially mah class. its the weirdest class ever. the cards to draw for boardwork are rigged!!! i always get the last one so i cant choose!! its evil! and the tests! today all chem teachers gave tests! so no matter what chem class ur in ur tested! and i had tests in 5th and 6th period. world history and chem respectively. world history room was too hot. and chem was too cold. it was painful. like that torture of hot and cold water. yea. it felt like that. and evil teachers like aguilera. scary oh well. another meaningless entry brought to you by…

from abraham

oh yes! remember that 500 message thing? well kyle chong has beat reinaldo’s record. heres the screenshot! It’s about 300 Kbs


I 3at Rice: I only got four total when I asked for 1000 :-(

Music: Korn – B.B.K

10/01/2003 Entry: “didn’t update today”

now i did
i was trying to get 500 messages while i was away…
only got to 266 something from reinaldo. but then steve invited me to a chat and that killed my away window… how gay

so congradulations to reinaldo
u win less time to study for the 2 tests tomorrow

NatrlDisturbance: uno
Auto response from NatrlDisturbance: im not signed off.. give me 500 messages
NatrlDisturbance: dos
NatrlDisturbance: tres
NatrlDisturbance: cuatro
NatrlDisturbance: cinco
NatrlDisturbance: seis
NatrlDisturbance: siet
NatrlDisturbance: ocho
NatrlDisturbance: nueve
NatrlDisturbance: diaz
NatrlDisturbance: ok, i give up
NatrlDisturbance: how about you pretend i left 500 messages?
NatrlDisturbance: huzzah!
NatrlDisturbance signed off at 11:21:03 PM.

tTtootTtOorRroO: yaay
tTtootTtOorRroO: now i’m freakin screwed
azN xrE taRD BOI: haha
tTtootTtOorRroO: i feel accomplished
tTtootTtOorRroO: and very sad
tTtootTtOorRroO: in knowing that i basically failed two tests tomoro