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Thursday, October 31st, 2002

4:22p – poo
nothing special happened today except that it was a crappy day…

it was halloween…

i made 2 touchdowns in football…

someone help me! my computer is all screwed up… it wont detect the cd-roms… help me!!! someone help me fix it without reformatting…

I felt the hate rise up in me
Get down and clear the stone of leaves
I go to a place where you can’t see
Inside my shell I wait and bleed..

current mood: crappy
current music: Slipknot – Wait and Bleed

Wednesday, October 30th, 2002

10:46a – today
today was a ok day i guess…
nothing special happened

i found out that my bio teacher broke the school record for running when he was a student at my school (class of ’72 i think)
his mile time: 4:15 or something or 5:15 not sure… forgot

oh well…
football in pe was funny…
we did absolutly nothing… our team sucked %@&*… the quarterback(the guy that throws the ball) was all being stupid and passing it to one person
eventually… the other team caught on to the plan (after about 1 down)… so all they did was guard that guy…
i was in my little world at this time.. wondering what makes the sky blue and grass green… then all of the sudden a football flew at me.. i stuck at my hands and caught the ball… then i was confused… i went brain dead then all of the sudden i realized im supposed to run… so i ran… i ran about 1/2 the field before they pulled my flag…
also the girls were all screaming at the quarterback for not passing it to them… calling him a sexist and stuff… funny…
the plays were pretty much the same everytime… always looked like this…

in my opinion football is a game of mindless running at one side… it takes little skill to play… all you have to do is run to one side while trying to protect yourself and survive the longest…

tomorrow is halloween… im going to be yet another resource consuming little kid that plans to take over the world when you are old and weak…

key club meeting tomorrow at lunch in E-3

You came into my life without a single thing.
I gave in to your ways, which left me with nothing.
I’ve given in to smiles, I fell for all your games.
I wish so bad right now, I hadn’t let you win.

also.. if your wondering why my picture is calvin its because it symbolizes my cluelessness…

current mood: blah?
current music: Korn – Good God

Tuesday, October 29th, 2002

11:24p – stupid day
today was the stupidest day in my life

i fell asleep in biology today while we were watching a film about atoms…
pe was so stupid also… some boys weren’t cooperating and all the boys had to run a lap… how stupid

when i came home… i decided to take a nap
little did i know that time flies
my nap soon became a hibernation
i only wanted to sleep 1/2 hour but ended up sleeping 3 hours… so here i am writing this junk at 11:20 at night…

sigh… right now my little baby sister is very sick

she is crying insanely and looks like she is in much pain
makes me feel sad… i don’t get this… i hope she will be alright…

Fly away on my Zephyr
I feel it more then ever
And in this perfect weather
We’ll find a place together
Fly on my wing

current mood: sad
current music: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Zephyr Song

11:55p – nothing
10 things i learned today:

1) FFX-2 is coming out!!
2) Korn swears a lot
3) Disease is unhealthy
4) System of a Down plays guitar fast
5) Sleep is good
6) I have a PC
7) KaZaA is wonderful
8) My AIM SN is AzNxReTaRdBoI
9) My name is Abraham
10) Red Hot Chili Pepper’s Website is at

current mood: crazy
current music: Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way

Monday, October 28th, 2002

6:14p – the day
today was a semi-ok day… i don’t know wtf that means but oh well… today was a kornish day because life is peachy and people have issues but they follow the leader and are untouchable… what a stupid thing… im a ball tongue on a leash…

oh well… lets begin talking about my day

japanese was stupid… i cant understand the teacher’s accent… KORE WA?!
pe was so stupid… the pe teacher was making us stretch for half the period
world history was stupid… present projects
english… good compared to other days… watched a movie of mice and men
lunch… absolutely wonderful… i ate sandwiches from peoples hands… hahaha… i ate ben’s sandwich before he got to eat it…
bio… we learned about atomo -> atom and getting pure oxygen… so boring… need graphing calculator with games… i feel enlightened
math… wonderful… i got my test back… got a b… but i was 4th in the class… amazing…

thats all i want to say… korn is a wonderful band… and i wish my life was happy

OhMahGawdHaRHaR: Maybe some day, we will have a band
OhMahGawdHaRHaR: “The asian and the russian”

current mood: enlightened/confused
current music: Korn – Pretty

11:05p – Bored…
Because my first name is Abraham… my last name is Chang… i was made to be bored… because of this i have decided to be happy and show all of you people the KoRn…

OhMahGawdHaRHaR (6:06:26 PM): whos the guy on the right? the one with no dreads
AzNxReTaRdBoI (6:06:40 PM): thats david
OhMahGawdHaRHaR (6:06:54 PM): oh…he doesnt look like he belongs in korn
OhMahGawdHaRHaR (6:07:00 PM): he looks like a backstreet boy
OhMahGawdHaRHaR (6:07:38 PM): it doesnt look..”kornish”
OhMahGawdHaRHaR (6:07:55 PM): they should kick him out

current mood: stranged
current music: Nirvana – Rape Me

Sunday, October 27th, 2002

11:25a – wonderful
i finally found a journal… i wanted a livejournal but i didn’t have an activation code thing… so stupid

current mood: happy
current music: Korn – Blame

11:35a – going crazy
sigh… im going crazy… i cant sleep… i hear voices… maybe it’s because of the insomnia… oh well… i will describe my days in later entries… have fun

current mood: crazy
current music: Korn – Thoughtless