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people work very hard to do as little work as they can in the longest period of time possible.

We live in a world in which need is boundless but resources are not – and medicine is not immune to the consequences of this reality.

why bother. no one is on the same page, let alone reading the same book.

“I didn’t know how to answer the question. I wasn’t even sure what the word ‘dying’ meant anymore. In the past few decades, medical science has rendered obsolete centures of experience, tradition, and language about our mortality and created a new difficulty for mankind: how to die.”

“You live longer only when you stop trying to live longer.”

– Being Mortal

wow i am surprised i still remember how to login.

apparently you need to contribute $3k/month into total market investment for 25 years and then you will be able to live for 25 years after that withdrawing $75k/year.